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March 18th, 2011

Best Streaming Video Apps for Android

The Android OS from Google is gaining good popularity across all the cell phone brands. One of the reasons that make it so popular is the numerous kinds of apps that can run on Android. Moreover, Android based phones come with fast performing processors and big resolution displays which make it possible to enjoy all kinds of apps.

There is a great demand for Android video streaming apps. If you have a high speed web connection such as 3G or Wi-Fi on your phone then you can enjoy watching streaming videos wherever you are. Here are the best streaming video apps for Android

Developed by CBS Interactive, the app allows you to watch television on your Android phone. You can see episodes of your favorite programs for free. There are plenty of TV channels you can choose from, some of which include CBS, CNET, Showtime, CBS News and many more.

2. Giant Bomb Beta
With Giant Bomb Beta on your Android phone, you can watch streaming videos. You can enjoy watching videos from the tech world such as video game reviews, etc.

3. eHow Mobile
eHow is a very popular site where you can find tons of how-to articles and videos. Install this app on your phone and you will be to do all your tasks easily. Just type a query in the search box of eHow Mobile and you will find different kinds of videos related to that query.

4. Ustream Viewer brings to this amazing app enables to view live events and catch up with your friends through chat and social networking. You will enjoy watching recorded broadcasts on it.

5. TScinema
TScinema is an amazing video app for your phone. This app is just the app for you if you love watching videos on your phone but have a low storage capacity on your phone. Create an account with and then install the app. You can then upload all your videos on to this account for free and watch it wherever you go.