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March 26th, 2010

7 Must Have Apps for iPhone

loopt20The best part about Apple iPhone and iPhone 3Gs is that it works on Android OS which allows users to install a wide range of applications for different type of users. However, with so many applications available across different genres, one may get confused as to which applications they should install on their iPhone. Here are 7 must have apps for iPhone:

Online Storage
Dropbox is a very good application that lets you access your data through its online storage without accessing them from your computer. You need to install this application on your computer and add files to the Dropbox folder and access your documents through iPhone.

Super Monkey Ball is a very cool game that has got different levels of difficulties. The game is all about navigating Monkey in his ball through different mazes without falling off. The game works very smoothly. You will enjoy playing this game on iPhone thanks to its accelerometer.

Streaming Music is one of the best when it comes to listening to music through different streaming channels. You can select your favorite band or genre of music, and Pandaro will stream the songs from the same band or genre. If you do not like listening to any song, you can ask Pandaro to never play it.

Internet browser
By all means Opera browser is the best web browser not only for Apple iPhone but also for smartphones from other brands. With all the features that you can find on a PC browser such as tabbed-browsing, zooming, bookmarking, fast browsing, and many more.

Social Networking App
Loopt Mobile is a cool social networking app. It is quite similar to Facebook and lets you get in touch with your friends on the go. If you are in any area and you would like to know its information, you can simply use Loopt to checkout suggestions tagged by your friends. You will also come to know where your friends are located and what they are doing.

Chatting and Social Networking
Fring lets you access all your favorite IMs such as Yahoo messenger, Google Talk, Windows Live, Skype, and even your favorite social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

News Updates
NetNewsWire is a free app that allows you get all the latest updates about the news and latest happenings in a RSS feeds format. The application is quite simple to use and with its sync feature you can RSS feeds.