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April 30th, 2010

How to convert and View Videos on Apple iPhone

total-video-converter1Till now, Apple has released three iPhones in the market namely Apple iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs and it plans the new iPhone 4G in this year. The 3.5 inches display screen is one of the salient features of iPhone which makes it easy for the users to watch videos on it. Since the iPhone can detect up to 32GB of data, you can easily upload a few movies on your phone and watch them whenever you want.

You can play a wide range of video formats on Apple iPhone such as MPEG 4, WMV, MPEG 1, AVI and MOV. In order to watch your favorite videos on your iPhone, you will require a video conversion application. There are plenty of video converting software available online. You can visit and make use of the advanced search option to search for ‘iPhone video converter’ under the freeware section. The search will yield plenty of applications. There are other well known paid applications such as Total Video Converter, imToo Video Converter, Videora iPhone Converter, etc.

Converting videos to play on your iPhone through Total Video Converter

Method 1

1. Install the Total Video Converter application and add the files to the application by clicking on New Task > Import Media Files.

2. You will then see a new window that will ask you ‘Please select the format to be converted’.

3. Under ‘Convert to:’, you can will find several options such as Pocket Player, Convert & Burn, Web, Video file, Audio File and AVCHD & HD Video, out of which you need to click on Pocket Player. Here you will find ‘iPhone Video’ option. When you click on it, you will be asked to choose from MPEG 4 or AVC H264. Choose the appropriate option and click on the ‘Convert Now’ button.

Method 2

1. Do the step 1 and step 2 mentioned in the Method 1.

2. Under ‘Convert to:’, you can will find several options, you need to choose Video File and then click on MP4 and choose from the appropriate option MPEG4 MP4 or AVC H264 MP4.

3. The video will then be added to the main screen. On the added video, you need to click on the ‘Settings’ option.

4. You need to click on ‘Audio Option’ tab and select the audio codec as aac. Sampling rate should be 24000 frames per second and bit rate should 64 kbits per second.

5. Next, you need to click video resize and choose the display resolution of iPhone (480 x 320 pixels) and then click on OK.

6. You can click on Convert button to convert the videos to iPhone friendly format.

Importing the converted videos to iTunes

1. On iTunes, you need to click on File > Add file to library and add the converted videos.

2. If your iPhone is connected to the PC, your iPhone will be listed inside iTunes. You can simply drag the converted video to the iPhone.

The other video conversion application also requires you to follow similar steps as mentioned above to convert and view videos on Apple iPhone.