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September 23rd, 2011

How To Backup Your Data Before Upgrading Your Android Device

Android is the most preferred operating system among smartphones. There are wide range of Android phones across different smartphone brands. Almost every week you can find a new Android smartphone hitting the market with better hardware and appeal. Even though it’s been few months since you purchased your Android device, you may want to buy a new chic Android phone. If you are looking forward to switch over to a better phone, it is recommended that you backup your data. Once you have the new phone in your hand, you can simply restore the data and access all the data that you had in your previous phone.

Here are some options that you can make use of to backup your data before upgrading your Android device:

Android Cloud Storage
Google provides Cloud Storage as a free storage space for Android users that can be effectively used for backup. This option can be accessed through your phone (v2.2 or later).  You can access it through Settings > Privacy. When you enable it, it will sync data such as apps installed on your phone, Wi-Fi settings, etc. The ‘Automatic restore’ feature lets you backup essential data such as app settings and saved application data.

To restore the backup data on a new Android device, you need to simply sign in to the Google account and it will restore your data. All the settings that you had in your previous phone and installed apps will be restored to your new phone.

My Backup Pro
When you search for backup app for Android phone on Android Market, you will find plenty of handy apps. One of the well-known apps for backup is the My Backup Pro. It is available for 4.60USD. It will let you backup almost everything that is present on your phone. After launching the app, you need to select ‘Backup’. It will prompt you to select what you want to backup. After you have made your selection, you can choose where you want to store backup data. You can store it on your phone’s microSD or on the secure server of My Backup Pro. On your new phone, you need to transfer the backup files and then restore it. To restore the data, you need to install and launch the app on your new phone and navigate to the backup files and then it will restore all the old files.

Titanium Backup
When you root your Android device, you can get rid of restricted file system limitation and then install root-ware apps to perform backup of your application data. The app is available for free and Pro version costs 6.14USD. Other performing backup, you can also do file encryption, remove unwanted inbuilt apps, use ROM management tools, etc. It can also store your backup files on online server. Instead of using own server, it stores backup files on Dropbox.