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December 2nd, 2011

Beginners Guide To BlackBerry Messenger

Did you buy a new BlackBerry phone? If yes then you may curious as to how you can chat using the BlackBerry Messenger. The BlackBerry Messenger is the USP of BlackBerry devices.

What is BBM?
BBM stands for BlackBerry Messenger. It is also called BB Messenger. It is an exclusive chat messenger that allows you to chat with other BlackBerry smartphones. It is a monthly paid service that allows you to do unlimited usage. You pay for the service called BIS which stands for BlackBerry Internet Service. Many people are fond of BBM and some people even buy BlackBerry phones mainly because of this feature.

With BBM onboard, it becomes easy to stay in touch with friends using BlackBerry phones. All the BlackBerry phones have BBM app preinstalled on the phone. The app is consistently upgraded, so you should check whether you are using the latest version or not before you add contacts on it.

How to add contacts on BBM?
To add your friends that use BBM, you need to ask them to provide you their BlackBerry PIN. The PIN number can be found in General Options under Status. It is alphanumeric code. Once you have your friend’s BB PIN, you need to open BBM and below the contacts tab you will see ‘Invite Contacts’. You will be provided with two invitation options such as ‘Invite by sending a PIN or email message’ and another as ‘Invite by scanning a PIN Barcode’. You can choose any one option to add contacts.

When you select the first option, you will be provided a space to enter your friend’s PIN and then you required to press Send. Once your friend confirms the invitation, you can start chatting with him using BBM. For the second invitation option, when your friend is near, you need to ask him to open BBM app on his phone and on the top side of the profile, you can see BBM PIN and PIN Barcode. If the PIN Barcode is not visible, you will have to press ‘show’ to view the code. Next, you will have to place your phone on your friend’s phone to scan the code that is displayed on your friend’s phone. You need to select Scan or invite contact and after scanning the contact will be added to BBM contacts.

How to exchange messages on BBM?
After adding contacts, from the contacts tab you need to select the friends with whom you want to chat. You will see the chat window open for you to type messages. You do not need to check your phone consistently to check whether anyone has sent you messages or not. When you receive a message, the phone will show new message alert at the top of the homescreen. If you see the alert, you can open BBM app and start conversing.  The PING feature lets you alert someone by sending a sound and vibrate alert that you are waiting for him/her to reply.