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June 22nd, 2009

BlackBerry Bold Review

blackberry bold BlackBerry Bold ReviewBlackBerry Bold has been a breakthrough product offering from BlackBerry being the first of its models to feature the 3G HSDPA. It has also been dubbed as the ‘faster’ cousin of all the other models in the BlackBerry family and much of this is due to the 624 MHz CPU processing that it offers. As a result, it combines faster operations along with having a tough built and the presence of some innovative features, making it the best-packaged smartphone on offer.

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May 6th, 2009

BlackBerry Storm: Touchscreen Smartphone

blackberry storm BlackBerry Storm: Touchscreen Smartphone

One of the more popular smartphone, other than the famed iPhone, is the Blackberry Storm. Now, it comes with a revolutionary touch screen that can provide users with tactile feedback when confirming menus and selection. It is a dual-mode functional phone that can also be used as an international phone. It has world-roaming features so you can take with you on your travel across countries. Because it is a smartphone, you can check your e-mail and browse the Internet with this handset. It can also double up as integrated wireless cellular modem.