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May 21st, 2010

Blogging on Windows Mobile Phone with moBlog and Pocket SharpMT

Mobile blogging is becoming quite a trend these days as it allows you to blog from any place and any time through your cell phone. You do not have to wait to reach your laptop or computer to publish a post. By launching the mobile blogging application, you can create good looking posts and keep your blogs updated. There are plenty of freeware mobile blogging applications for Windows Mobile available on the web. Before you try mobile blogging on your Windows Mobile, you should check your data plan.

The moBlog app is a freeware that is most commonly used for blogging on WinMo. Do a Google Search for MoBlog and you will come across Sampath’s Mindspace MoBlog. You can make use of various blogging platforms such as Blogger, WordPress, and Windows LiveSpaces through moBlog. Download the app from the website and install it. After launching the app, you can either make use of the popular blogging platforms to start blogging or even create a blog on their web server. With the use of different profiles, you can blog on multiple blogs that are present on different blogging platforms.Blogging with moBlog
To start blogging, you are required to enter the username, password and login web address just like you do on your computer. moBlog lets add title tags, choose categories, write content, format text, upload pictures present on your Windows Mobile device, and preview the post before publishing it.

Pocket SharpMT
The Pocket PC version of the desktop blogging application SharpMT is called Pocket SharpMT. It is a freeware application. With SharpMT, you can blog on Movable Type or WordPress blog. However, it does not support SharpMT is a very tiny application that can be downloading directly on to your phone or through your PC.

Blogging with SharpMT
To start blogging, you need to enter the web address of the login page your blog, RPC path, username and password. The interface of the app is not that user-friendly but you can easily publish posts once you get the hang of it. While blogging through SharpMT, you can choose categories, add tags, add hyperlinks, add content, format text, cut and paste text, and upload images present on your Pocket PC or Windows Mobile device. It also lets you configure custom HTML tags. Even if the size of the display of the phone is small, it provides a scrolling interface so that you can easily see what you are inputting.