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July 23rd, 2009

How to Boost the Signal of your Cell Phone?

cell phone repeater

A weak signal is something that is hated the most by cell phone users. When you need to make important calls or receive them, the last thing you can expect are call drops due to weak signal. We always notice that whenever we enter an area with low network coverage, the cell phone starts losing out on the signal. How frustrating and annoying it can be! One of the major reasons why we experience such a problem is due to the tall buildings and radio waves that obstruct the network as a result of which you do not get good reception.

Here are some steps you can take in order to boost the signal of your cell phone:

  • Cell tower

If there is no signal at your home or surrounding areas, you should find out if there is a cell tower located in your area. If there is no cell tower, you can ask your cell phone service provider to install a cell tower. Usually installation of cell tower takes a long time but once it is done, you will never have signal problems.

  • Check the battery status of your cell phone.

Cell phones use up a lot of battery power when you make a call. If there is connectivity issue because of bad signal, you will lose even more battery power when you make a call. If you are facing signal problems on your cell phone, it is advisable to fully charge the battery

  • Area issues.

Different locations where the network cannot reach can lead to loss of signal and subsequent network problems or call drops. For instance, you may experience signal problems in the sub-way, elevator, buildings, etc. Hence, if you would like to make a call, you need to come out of such areas to overcome signal issues.

  • Go for a different network.

If you are having signal issues on your cell phone, you can change your network service provider and choose the one that makes your cell phone catch signals easily wherever you are. Most cell phone network service providers allow you to keep the same number even though you change the service provider. Changing the network can easily solve your signal issues.

  • Do not block signal receiver on your cell phone.

Unknowingly while talking, we often cover the signal receiver present on the cell phone. When you do this, you will experience bad signal and call drops. Do not block signal receiver so that you do not experience signal problems.

  • Cell phone repeater.

Cell phone repeater or a cellular repeater is a device that is used for improving the reception when there is low signal issue by means of an antenna. Install this device wherever you have signal problem. However, this device will not work effectively if there are less than 2 bars of signal indicator on your cell phone.