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June 1st, 2012

5 Things to Consider When Purchasing New Android Phone

Most of the smartphones available in the market are Android phones.  Except for Nokia and BlackBerry, most of the known mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony are mostly manufacturing phones that run on Android. Hence, it is not that easy to purchase an Android phone as there are so many options available. Before you go ahead and purchase yourself an Android phone, you should consider some points so that you get the best phone for yourself.  Here are five things that you need to consider when purchasing new Android phone:

1. Android
There are many versions of Android operating system. The oldest is Éclair and the newest is Ice Cream Sandwich. As far as performance is concerned, the ICS Android OS offers the best overall performance. Only a few mobile phones are running on Android ICS. Most of the Android ICS OS phones are expensive whereas the smartphones running on older versions like GingerBread and Froyo are cheaper.

2. CPU
An Android phone with slow CPU will make your phone perform sluggishly. Such a phone will take longer to start or finish any task and can frustrate you easily. The faster the CPU, the faster will be the performance of the phone. Dual core and quad core phones deliver snappy performance. However, such phones are expensive. If you want to purchase a decent phone, the ideal choice would be to purchase a phone with minimum 1GHz processor.

3. Battery life
You need to read the review of the phone to learn about its battery life. Before you purchase the phone, it should be very clear about the battery performance of the phone. It should offer at least 6 hours of talk time on 3G.

4. Display size
The larger the size of the display, the more resources such as battery and CPU it can consume. Since the Android OS is very versatile, apart from using your phone for normal usage, you can even install computer OS like Windows 7 on your phone. Hence, the ideal size of the display should be 4.0 inches.

5. Design
Things like size, shape and material of the external body are very important things to consider before buying an Android phone. As compared to metal body phone, a plastic body phone can be lightweight. Get a phone that fits in your hands easily. Avoid purchasing huge sized phones as it will be troublesome to get the phone out of your pocket.