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October 1st, 2009

Tips for Great Camera Phone Photos

camera-phone-photosThese days it is hard to imagine a cellphone without a camera. We can find that some of the entry level cellphones are available with 1.3 and 2.0 megapixel camera resolution, whereas some of the hi-end phones  have resolutions like 3.2, 5.0, 8.0 and even 12 megapixel. Simply amazing! Those people who are still using cellphones with low megapixel camera may feel the urge to buy cellphones with high mega pixel.  Well, you can still use your low megapixel camera cellphone to take amazing photos. Here are some cool tips that will help you in taking perfect snap.

  • Get Close
    Taking images of sceneries, buildings or anything that is located a certain distance will only produce unclear images. Hence, with your low megapixel camera you should take snaps of things that are located close to you such as photos of your friends, candid photos, etc
  • Bright Light
    Whenever you take snap make sure the subject is lit up well. Taking snaps in rooms that are well illuminated. If your camera has flash, make use of it. You should position your subject in such a way that light falls on it properly and then you may take the snap.
  • Hold It Firmly
    Hold your cellphone firmly because many times it may happen, that after your press the camera button to take a photo, your cellphone may delay  taking the snap for a split second, which can ruin the impact
  • Framing the Subject
    You should make sure that the subject fills the camera; this can be done by getting close to the subject. It will allow you to get rid of unwanted noise and distraction that can ruin your photo.
  • Make Use of Camera Features
    Camera features like zoom, picture size,  night mode, photo mode such as black and white, sepia, negative, etc can help in improving the quality of the photos.  Do not zoom excessively; the resultant image will be blurred. Picture size such as large, medium and small will indicate the different resolutions of images the camera can take.
  • Edit Your Snaps
    Some cellphones have image editing tools that allow you to crop the unwanted parts from the photos. You can also adjust the brightness, apply border or give other effects to the image. If your cellphone does not have such features, you can transfer the image to your computer via Bluetooth or USB data cable and then use the image editing software on your computer to modify your images. The images can be then saved on your cellphone.
  • Send or Print
    You can send your snaps via email or Bluetooth to your friends. You can even upload it on your favorite social networking website. You can also print the photos as and when you want.