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July 16th, 2010

Must Know Camera Tips for Motorola DROID

Not only we but also many other cell phone review sites have given rave reviews to the Motorola DROID. One of the best features of the Motorola DROID is the 5 megapixel camera that comes with dual LED flash and features like autofocus, image stabilization, 4x digital zoom, real-time color effects, scene modes, geo-tagging and image editing tools like cropping and rotating. We have got some camera tips for Motorola DROID that will help you make most of the phone’s camera:

1. Zoom tip

If you want to zoom into the scene before taking a snap, you can just tap twice on the display screen to zoom in and to zoom out you can again tap the screen.

2. Focus options

DROID gives you focus modes such as autofocus, infinity focus, and macro focus. The default focus mode is auto mode which will let you take decent snaps in any lighting conditions. By using the infinity focus mode, you will be able to take snaps with even more clarity. For taking close up shots, you can use the macro mode.

3. Lens

It is also important to clean the lens once in a while because if the lens catch dirt, then all your images will look bad no matter what efforts you may take to take clearer image.

4. Uploading photos on social networking sites

If you are thinking to upload some photos that were snapped by means of your Motorola DROID on to social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook, then instead of waiting for several minutes for posting huge images you can upload images with lower resolution. The best part about lower resolution images are that you can upload and share them within seconds.

5. Low light images

The camera present on most smartphones including Motorola DROID fail to clear images in low light conditions. You can switch over to black and white mode or sepia mode in low light conditions to take snap images with mysterious contrasts. You can even try using sunset mode or night mode to take snaps in low light conditions. If there is enough natural light available, you can turn off the flash.

6. Shutter sound

For privacy reasons the law has stated that the cell phone camera must play an audible signal before it takes a snap. If you find the sound to be irritating or loud, you can make use of third party application such as SilentSnap to turn off the camera shutter sound. You can search for such an app on the Android Market.