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June 12th, 2009

How to Disable a Stolen Cell phone?

cellphone-theifsHave you lost your cell phone? Are you worried that it could be misused by someone? Installing a mobile anti-theft software on your phone is a good way to track your lost cell phone but what if you have a mobile phone in which installation of software is not possible? Even if you have a anti-theft software installed on your cell phone, the robber may simply disable the anti-theft software and can never be caught. In such a scenario, the best option you can go for is disable your cell phone so that nobody misuses it.

How to disable your lost cell phone?

The very first thing you must do in case you have lost your cell phone is to contact the customer support of your cell phone network service provider and disable the stolen cell phone.  The mode of action you take in such a situation is similar to the one you do when you lose a credit card; when you lose one you contact the bank that has provided you the credit card. You can disable your lost mobile phone by means of the unique serial number known as IMEI number. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. Every mobile phone comes with a unique cell phone number.  It is illegal to use a cell phone that does not have a IMEI number because it poses a huge security threat to the country. You must make a note of the IMEI number so that it can come handy when you lose your cell phone. Here’s how you can get the IMEI number of your phone:

You can get your mobile phone’s IMEI number by pressing the the following code on your mobile phone:

* # 0 6 #

As soon as you do it, you will quickly get a 15 digit serial number on your mobile phone screen. This is the IMEI number. Make a note of this number somewhere you will not forget. What usually happens is whenever a thief steals a mobile phone,  he may surely change the SIM card and insert another SIM card. This way the thief may use your mobile phone or sell it off to someone.  If you do not want the thief to misuse your phone, you can contact your network service provider and tell them that you have lost your phone and provide them the IMEI number to disable your phone so that no one can misuse it.

By disabling your phone you will not get back your phone but it will become useless and the thief would not be able to misuse it by selling to someone or use it by inserting another SIM card. Though there are less chances of getting your phone back once it is lost, you should register a complaint at a police station about your stolen cell phone.