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October 22nd, 2009

How to Control Your Cell Phone Bills

We often situations almost every month wherein we miserably fail in controlling our sky-rocketing cell phone bills. Here are some tips that will help you in controlling your cell phone bills.ladydebt-main_Full

  1. Go through all your cell phone bills from the past six to ten months and start analyzing how much you are paying every month. You need to analyze how much you are spending on phone calls, SMS, special SMS and internet.
  2. If you get itemized bill, you can even go to the extent of finding how much you are spending on text messages and calls. You can even find out how much you spend on calls to each and every person you talk to. This will help you psychologically in controlling your cell phone bill.
  3. Contact your cell phone network service provider and ask them to help you in knowing the details on unlimited minutes plan. This way you can make sure you do not exceed your minutes and are in proper control of your bills.
  4. You can also your network service provider to tell you about group plan. Group plan allows you to talk free of cost to particular numbers. This way you can add your family members and friends to the group plan and talk to them for free. However, you may have to spend little more than normal charges to talk to other people who are not a part of this group.
  5. If you are someone who is into lot of text messaging, you can go for an unlimited text messaging plan. Again, this is another good way to stay in total control of your cell phone bill. If you are not much into texting, you can be content with the plan that charges you per message that you send.
  6. You do not need to worry about internet usage, if your internet charges are included in the unlimited plan. If it is not then you need to make sure you constantly check your internet usage. Always remember that the webpages that you visit are also considered as download charges. Use internet on the phone only when you require it and not when you have a computer with an internet connection in easy access to you.
  7. Apart from visiting websites, your bill may also contain download charges for ringtones and music. Checkout websites that allow you to transfer free ringtones to your phone. Do not download ringtones to save cost. You download ringtones on to your computer via internet and then transfer them to your phone via USB data cable connection or Bluetooth. Same way, you can download games to your cell phone and save money.