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July 23rd, 2010

FingerPrint Scanner for Symbian Phones

How cool is it to have a touchscreen phone which can scan fingerprint and unlock itself only when it matches with yours?

Here you have it – FingerPrint application for Symbian phones!

Okay, this doesn’t really turn your Symbian phone into a fingerprint scanner. We all know that it is impossible, right? This trick application can really pull a fast one on your friends when you demostrate to them how you can unlock your phone with this fingerprint scanner.

When the FingerPrint screen pops up, you can press your thumb or finger against your phone’s screen to be “scanned” for your identity. Once you do that, the phone will begin vibrating and emitting beeps to create the impression that it is scaning your fingerprint. However, the phone doesn’t really scan your fingerprint! It will unlock the phone once you remove your finger when it has reached the correct number of beeps or vibrations that you have previously configured.

Only you know how it works, so you can have some fun fooling your friends with this application!

For more information on this Symbian app, click here to visit their website.

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