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March 4th, 2010

Top 5 Applications for Google Android Users

bigbenmoby432 300x208 Top 5 Applications for Google Android UsersLeading cell phone manufacturing companies like HTC, LG, Acer, Motorola, Samsung, etc are all manufacturing phones with Android operating system. Through this we can understand the popularity of Android. The best thing about owning a Google Android powered phone is that you have 10,000+ applications to choose from. Here, we have listed down top 5 applications for Google Android users.

Best Application for Travel

Wikitude – It is one of the coolest applications that can make your journey a wonderful experience. If you are driving and spot a building and you are eager to know about it, you can make use of the Wikitude app which make use of a technology called augmented reality to get information from Wikipedia, phone’s compass, camera to get detailed information about the image.

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