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January 5th, 2010

Live from Android Press Gathering event

The Google Nexus One is about to be unveiled. Here’s a update site live from the Android Press Gathering event.

Check this out:


January 4th, 2010

Google Phone Debut – Google Nexus One

google nexus one 228x300 Google Phone Debut   Google Nexus OneGoogle is all set to start the new year with a bang with its first smart phone release – Nexus One.

A full touch screen smartphone based on the Android OS, this phone is touted to be the iPhone killer (really? there has been too many ‘iPhone killers’, but none has lived up to expectations, so far).

No hardware specifications are available as yet, but it has been confirmed to be manufactured by HTC.

The unlocked Nexus One is said to be available straight from Google via (not live at time of posting, but keep a look out) at the price of US$530, and it is also available in US with a T-mobile plan.

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