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January 20th, 2012

Handwriting Recognition Apps for Android

There are plenty of handwriting recognition apps available in the Android market that allows you to convert the handwritten text on the display screen of your phone into text. This allows you to type your texts even more quickly. Instead of using your onscreen keyboard or physical keyboard, you can make use of the handwriting recognition apps to create emails and text messages. Here are some of the user-friendly handwriting recognition apps that you can download on your Android phone through the Android Market:

Priced at 9.99USD, the WritePad is one of the popular handwriting recognition apps for Android. The app can be used on phones running Android v2.1 and higher. It can easily integrate with any application. It means you can create emails, text messages and also use it other apps like word processor. It can automatically correct the text and spelling errors. You can add custom words to the dictionary. It also allows you to switch between onscreen keyboard for easy typing.

Genial Writing
Genial Writing is a cool app that lets you share your handwritten memos with your friends through email, MMS and Facebook. You can write texts through it on both landscape and portrait screen orientation. The free version of the app will show ads while using it and have no support for keyboard. The paid version is without ads and allows you to add photos to your memos by using the camera button of your phone. The app can be used on Android phones running v1.5 and higher version of Android.

DioMemo is a very creative application that is available at a price of 1.38USD on Android Market. It supports Android v2.1 and higher. The Android Market describes it as a 2in1 app. It can be used as a memo plus handwriting recognition. You can convert your handwritten gestures into text and make drawings. It also allows you to make your own background. This can be done by using your own images or even through Google Maps.

When you are tired of using onscreen keyboard, you can use the G-board app for handwriting recognition. Even by drawing a simple gesture of the letter you want to type, the app is able to recognize what you want to type and displays the letter on the screen. So, if you want to type small-case letters, you need to make small symbols. If you want to type large-case letters, you need to make large symbols. The app can be used on any Android phone run Android v1.6 or higher. The demo version called G-board can be used for free.