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January 27th, 2012

Get Rid of Hardlock Set on BlackBerry phone

Hardlock is a feature on BlackBerry phones that prevents you from making a call accidently, prevents you from launching an app or does not grant permission to a stranger to access your phone incase your phone is lost. The hardlock can be program to automatically lock the phone after certain time duration. You can make your BlackBerry to not to alert when you receive a missed call or text message when the hardlock is enabled. You can also make your BlackBerry receive or not to receive calls when the hardlock is enabled.

Locating the Hardlock Screen on your BlackBerry
To go to the hardlock screen on your BlackBerry, you need to click on the BlackBerry button. Doing so will give you access to all the apps icons. You need to go to Options and then go to the Security Options and then select General Settings and then click on Password and then you go to Change Password. Add a new password and re-enter the password and then click on OK to confirm it. The password you set should be easy to remember. In case you forget the password, the only way you can reset it again is by resetting the phone to its factory default settings.

Setting Hardlock Options on Your BlackBerry
In order to change hardlock attributes, you need to locate the required options by looking below the Password section and then you need to set the number of times the password is to be allowed by highlighting the number near the field that says Number of Password Attempts. You can also set how long the screen can remain idle when it is unlocked state by highlighting the right number in the Security Timeout field.  You can then go to Allow Outgoing Calls While Locked to stop or allow your phone to make outgoing calls when it is hardlocked by selecting Yes or No.

Deactivating Hardlock Protection on Your BlackBerry
To remove the hardlock protection, you can press on any button when the phone is in hardlocked state. By using the trackball, you need to select the Unlock option. Type the password you created in the Security Options and then go to Options and then General Settings window will appear where you can deactivate the hardlock feature by pressing on Enabled or Disable.