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September 30th, 2011

Top Apps For HTC Android

Android Market is filled with thousands of apps that are compatible on almost all phones that run Android OS. HTC has got many phones that run on Android such as HTC Wildfire S, HTC Desire Z, HTC ThunderBolt and many more. Find the right app on Android Market for your HTC phone can be little because there are so many apps available. Here is a list of top apps for HTC Android:

ASTRO File Manager
It is one of the best file managers for Android phones. It lets you manage all the different kinds of files that you have on your phone memory and memory card. It even lets you use functions like cut, copy, paste for managing your files. You can also perform data backup through this app. It also lets you send files from your phone as attachments. It even lets you open and view compressed files like Zip and Tar files.

Dropbox gives you 3GB of free storage space on its secure server. To avail the free disk space all you are required to do is register online. This storage space can used to save all your office documents, media files, etc safely. The data can be easily accessed on your HTC Android device wherever you are.

This app will let you listen to your favorite music on radio. You can also use it to find your favorite songs and listen to it for free. Through it, you can create favorite stations based on genre, artists, etc. By doing this, Pandora will keep on playing only those songs that you like. Pandora is a very famous desktop app and now it is available for Android phones.

Everybody is on the Facebook and you can use the Facebook app on your HTC phone to socialize with your friends anytime and anywhere. It even allows you to access Facebook chat. Now you can stay in touch with your close and dear one at any time.

Google Maps
Google Maps is one of the hottest Android apps. You can find locations even if you do not know the exact address of the place. You can find places by performing voice searches. Just tell the name of a restaurant and its location and the app will provide you with turn-by-turn directions to reach your destination. With this app on your HTC, you can find ATMs, parking areas, restaurants, hospitals, etc very easily.