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April 8th, 2009

Top 9 Built-in Applications for T-Mobile G1


It is out of the box and yeah, you can send email, IM and text with friends on your new T-Mobile G-1. And oh, you can snap a picture or two if you need to and that is good; that is what most standard phones can do. But what can you do on your T-Mobile G1 that will even make your grandma appreciate its technological advancements? What are some of the applications that can be productive or just plain fun to monkey with when you are stuck waiting on your significant other to get ready for your date?

Some of the more productive tools for the T-Mobile G1 are the Financial Calculator, the Bio Wallet, Flashlight Application and a lite version of Skype. The Financial Calculator is more than a calculator that just adds and subtracts. This application is programmed to help you figure out depreciation, loan payments and interest rates. The Bio Wallet is designed to eliminate the need for strong passwords by recognizing the user’s iris. The T-Mobile G1 has utilized the newest technology of biometrics to allow access to your most personal and private information. The Flashlight application illuminates the backlight of your phone to allow it to be used as a flashlight. Very handy if one would drop their keys or need to see in a darkened theater. If you are familiar with Skype than you will be pleased to find a liter version of Skype that can be used with this phone also.

CallACab, Shop Savvy and Cooking Capsules are just a few of the more informative applications for the Mobile-T G1. For the days when traveling in an unfamiliar city, the application CallACab will locate where you are and then display the number for the closest local cab company. Shop Savvy is a helpful money saver application that will scan any UPC barcode and then give the user other prices offered at local stores and from the internet. The Cooking Capsules can help store and create recipes, like any good cookbook. However; it will also locate the closest grocery store to you; in case you are in unfamiliar territory

For the completely unproductive, yet entertaining, side of your T-Mobile G1 SoGo!Ku will allow you to challenge yourself with the ever popular brainteaser wherever you go. TiVo can also be utilized by T-mobile G1 users, so now there is no excuse as to why you missed the latest episode of Lost!

March 23rd, 2009

T-Mobile G1 – A HTC Dream Come True

g1-htcHTC, one of the premier business phone companies, has delivered yet another electronic wonder. This time, HTC has teamed up with T-Mobile to release the T-Mobile G1 Android phone.

Okay, that name might be too long. Let’s call it the T-Mobile G1 for now.

With attractive and comprehensive features, T-Mobile G1 has huge promises for smartphone lovers.

Is it great value for your money? Let us help you check out the features at a glance!

Special features

T-Mobile G1 is the world’s first Android powered cellphone. Its open and robust functionality makes it one of the most versatile smartphones around. Besides the breakthrough in mobile platform, its hardware features are impressive. Some note-worthy features include:

  • A 3.2 inch bright screen (LCD) with touch sensitivity and a resolution of 320 by 480 pixels
  • Comprehensive Wi-Fi technology which lets you connect to the internet from anywhere in the globe.
  • An excellent 3.2 mega pixels camera with autofocus technology
  • Seamless 3.5G technology for network connection
  • Unmatched global position sensor for enhanced navigation with Google maps.

Usually, business phones lack in camera features as the users hardly utilize it for capturing images. However, T-Mobile G1 has been specially designed to accomplish both business and multimedia requirements.

Robust Input Functionality

htc-g1-slide-open-keyboardOne of the most interesting features is the trackball being splendidly embedded in this phone. In addition, with its QWERTY keyboard, it almost replicates the similar experience to using a PC!

The Android operating system makes the phone a complete gadget virtually lacking nothing!

Powerful navigation

The power of navigation is a big highlight in this phone! HTC has made it better than the best. Your phone will act as a complete companion while traveling wherever you go and you will never be lost anywhere in the globe!

A complete companion for life

With all the necessary features well bundled in one phone it’s a all in one gadget. Not to forget, the mp3 features and the audio quality of the phone are unmatchable. So it perfectly deserves the title “a complete companion for life”.

The bottom line

So is your business lacking some colour? Are you deprived of some multimedia and entertainment in your business phone? Well, maybe it’s the right time to upgrade your mobile phone. Make the best deal with the T-Mobile G1 phone and enthral your life with the world of entertainment!  Never wait for time to come. Each second can deprive you the opportunity to enjoy this gadget!

For specifications and deals, visit the link below.
Buy T-Mobile G1 Android


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