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April 8th, 2009

Top 9 Built-in Applications for T-Mobile G1

t mobile g1 Top 9 Built in Applications for T Mobile G1

It is out of the box and yeah, you can send email, IM and text with friends on your new T-Mobile G-1. And oh, you can snap a picture or two if you need to and that is good; that is what most standard phones can do. But what can you do on your T-Mobile G1 that will even make your grandma appreciate its technological advancements? What are some of the applications that can be productive or just plain fun to monkey with when you are stuck waiting on your significant other to get ready for your date?

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March 23rd, 2009

T-Mobile G1 – A HTC Dream Come True

g1 htc T Mobile G1   A HTC Dream Come TrueHTC, one of the premier business phone companies, has delivered yet another electronic wonder. This time, HTC has teamed up with T-Mobile to release the T-Mobile G1 Android phone.

Okay, that name might be too long. Let’s call it the T-Mobile G1 for now.

With attractive and comprehensive features, T-Mobile G1 has huge promises for smartphone lovers.

Is it great value for your money? Let us help you check out the features at a glance!

Special features

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