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January 6th, 2012

What is iPhone iCloud Service

If you own an iPhone or iPad, you can make use of the iCloud service provided exclusively by Apple. iCloud service was officially launched with the release of the iOS 5 on iPhone and other devices from Apple that run iOS.

Actually, iCloud service is a replacement of the MobileMe service of Apple. It allows you to get an email address that comes with 5GB storage capacity on Apple’s server. You can access the account through your iPhone or by visiting Other features include synchronization of contacts, synchronization of bookmarks and calendar. When you make any changes in the services mentioned above, the change will be seen on iCloud and it can be accessed through any iDevice that has access to iCLoud. In simple terms, if you make change one device, the change will be seen on other devices as well. For instance, if you add a new person to your contact list on your iPhone, the same contact can be seen on your iDevices such as iPad.

If you have lost your iPhone, the Find My iPhone feature will let you track your iPhone. What you can do is go to and login into it and check out the location of your phone through the GPS. You can remotely send text messages to your phone or if you feel that there is no chance of recovering your lost iPhone, you can simply delete all its contents remotely. This can be done by using any iDevice such as iPod Touch, iPad or another iPhone.

One cool feature of the iCloud service is that it synchronizes all your documents in different iOS running devices. For example, suppose you are traveling and you created a document on your iPhone by using Pages and when you reach home you continue writing on the document just by opening Pages on your iPad. Also if you use iWorks, you can get view, create and edit documents on your Mac PC via On the site, you can download the document and then upload it back again to use it on any iOS Device.

iCloud can be effectively used to make backup of your files. You can backup all the contents of your iPhone and its settings on iCloud and this makes it possible to create backups without using a PC. iCloud services can also be used with iTunes and for streaming photos to your PC without establishing a connection with the PC.