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August 20th, 2010

What is MeeGo OS?

MeeGo is an open source operating system and many leading cell phone manufacturers, network service providers and third party software companies are waiting for its release. It is a Linux-based OS and is believed to be compatible with wide range of devices such as desktop computers, notebooks, cell phones, tablet PCs and even television sets. MeeGo powered device will allow the users to go online and access entertainment whether the user it at home or traveling.

It has been revealed that the MeeGo OS is a merger between Nokia’s Maemo and Intel’s Moblin. Since MeeGo is backed up with powerful names like Nokia and Intel, many cell phone companies are waiting for its release so that they can make use of this OS. Since MeeGo is an open source project, developers will be able to modify MeeGo’s code so that they can test and develop new software and enhance the performance of the existing apps. Developers can access the Moblin and Maemo communities to discuss about the MeeGo OS.

The goal of developing the MeeGo OS is to provide users with an easy to use operating system and also to allow them to make use of existing software on compatible devices that were considered to be incompatible for running applications. Developers will be able to develop new applications that will be run on MeeGo supported devices.

MeeGo is a platform where new ideas and new possibilities can be brought to the user. MeeGo is also believed to be an OS that will provide the user with refreshingly new platform for communicating, playing multimedia files and for using office based applications. MeeGo will also bring some rich features to mobile

devices such as computation technology, graphic based apps, etc. It is expected to provide the user with a very simple user interface that is not only easy to use but will also let the user to customize it to the fullest.

All developers can participate in making MeeGo a successful OS by joining the Linux Foundation. MeeGo v1.0 is already available on few netbooks and very soon many other MeeGo powered devices are expected to hit the market. The Nokia N900 is also a device that runs MeeGo OS. If you want to know more about MeeGo, you can visit its official website i.e.