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March 2nd, 2012

iPhone 5 Rumors and Expecting the iPhone 5 Release Date

After the release of iPhone 4, most people were expecting that the next phone from Apple would definitely be iPhone 5. However, Apple released the upgraded version of the phone called iPhone 4S. The iPhone 5 rumors have been around since quite some time. Many people are interested to know the iPhone 5 release date, its features and specs. Expecting that the phone can release very soon, many sites on iPhone 5 are already available on the web.

Foxconn, is a company located in China that manufactures original designs for various products like iPhone, Kindle, Xbox 360. iPhone 5 is believed to design the iPhone 5. An insider from Foxconn has revealed that various samples of the iPhone 5 are passed around the factory, but still there is no update on how the final iPhone will appear. However, we do information that the iPhone 5’s form factor will be different from that of its predecessor phones.

The source also revealed that the iPhone 5 will not have a teardrop shape appearance. Instead, it will be longer and slimmer. Also, it’s high time that Apple upgrades the camera on the anticipated phone. We feel that the iPhone 5 will have 8 megapixels camera.

A source has also let out the news that Foxconn is on the verge of finishing the work on iPhone 5 and are aiming to release the phone in the summer. Not only the iPhone 5 release date is expected to be in summer but also the iPad 3 to hit the stands around the same time.

As far as performance of iPhone 5 is concerned, we expect the phone to be running on quad-core processor. This is understandable because not only the iPhone 5 but also we expect many quad-core smartphones from other brands to be released in 2012.

Few months ago, a popular blog from Japan – Makotakara, claimed that Hitachi and Sony are working on building the display for iPhone 5. It was mentioned that the display would 0.5 inches bigger than the predecessor iPhone 4S. Some tech experts feel that the display of the iPhone 5 will be similar to that of Samsung Galaxy II that measures 4.3 inches. Regardless of the iPhone 5 rumors that are going around, the phone is expected to be longer and slimmer.

Another rumor that most people are aware of is that Steve Jobs was working hard on building a rich-featured iPhone 5. The expectations are set high. We will have to wait and watch to see whether iPhone 5 will be meet all the expectations.

January 6th, 2012

What is iPhone iCloud Service

If you own an iPhone or iPad, you can make use of the iCloud service provided exclusively by Apple. iCloud service was officially launched with the release of the iOS 5 on iPhone and other devices from Apple that run iOS.

Actually, iCloud service is a replacement of the MobileMe service of Apple. It allows you to get an email address that comes with 5GB storage capacity on Apple’s server. You can access the account through your iPhone or by visiting Other features include synchronization of contacts, synchronization of bookmarks and calendar. When you make any changes in the services mentioned above, the change will be seen on iCloud and it can be accessed through any iDevice that has access to iCLoud. In simple terms, if you make change one device, the change will be seen on other devices as well. For instance, if you add a new person to your contact list on your iPhone, the same contact can be seen on your iDevices such as iPad.

If you have lost your iPhone, the Find My iPhone feature will let you track your iPhone. What you can do is go to and login into it and check out the location of your phone through the GPS. You can remotely send text messages to your phone or if you feel that there is no chance of recovering your lost iPhone, you can simply delete all its contents remotely. This can be done by using any iDevice such as iPod Touch, iPad or another iPhone.

One cool feature of the iCloud service is that it synchronizes all your documents in different iOS running devices. For example, suppose you are traveling and you created a document on your iPhone by using Pages and when you reach home you continue writing on the document just by opening Pages on your iPad. Also if you use iWorks, you can get view, create and edit documents on your Mac PC via On the site, you can download the document and then upload it back again to use it on any iOS Device.

iCloud can be effectively used to make backup of your files. You can backup all the contents of your iPhone and its settings on iCloud and this makes it possible to create backups without using a PC. iCloud services can also be used with iTunes and for streaming photos to your PC without establishing a connection with the PC.


April 1st, 2011

Disabling 3G and EDGE on iPhone

There are plenty of reasons as to why you may want to turn off 3G internet connectivity and EDGE on your iPhone. Some of the reasons can be as follows:

  • You do not want to connect your iPhone to your network provider
  • You may want to avoid your iPhone to connect to the web through EDGE or 3G when you are connected to the web through Wi-Fi
  • You may want to disable all the wireless connectivity features on your phone when you are going to travel on an airplane.
  • You may not want to 3G if the 3G network is not connecting easily whereas the 2G network is
  • To save the battery on your iPhone
  • There is no 3G connectivity available in your area.

When you disable EDGE on your phone, you will be actually disabling the network access on your phone which means you will not be able to make calls, send text messages, access web and voicemail, etc. When you disable 3G on your phone, your phone will connect to the web through EDGE. Your iPhone will consume less battery. The web browser will not load pages quickly as EDGE connectivity is slow as compared to 3G connectivity.

How to disable EDGE on your iPhone
The only way that is available on iPhone to disable EDGE is to turn on iPhone’s Airplane Mode. On Nokia phones, this feature is called Offline Mode. When you enable this feature, the network connectivity on your phone will be disabled. In other words, your phone will not connect to your service provider’s network if you enable this feature. This feature is very handy when you travel on plane. Since the law prohibits people from using cell phones because the network signal conflicts can cause technical problems to the airplane, using the Airplane Mode you will be able to use all the other features like watching movies, listening to music, etc on your iPhone. Since the network is disabled, you will not able to make any calls, send text messages, and connect to the internet through EDGE or 3G internet.

How to disable 3G on your iPhone
In order to disable 3G, you can go to the Settings menu > General > Network. Here you will find an option that says ON for ‘Enable 3G’. Press the slide button and you will be able to OFF 3G connectivity. Now the phone will automatically switch to EDGE mode to connect to the web. If you want to enable 3G access, you can use the slider again to turn it ON.

July 31st, 2010

Top 5 Racing Games for Your iPhone

iPhone is a very versatile phone as it lets you make calls, watch videos, listen to music, browse on the web, lets you know which place you are going, and last but not the least it also lets you play games to wade away your leisure time. On the Apple’s App Store, you will find plenty of racing games and some of them are so good that they are as impressive as a PC or video game.

Here are the top 5 racing games for your iPhone:

Asphalt 5
This games from Gameloft provides you with plenty of vehicles from leading sports car manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi, etc. The animation of this game is brilliant and it has 12 locations such as Aspen, Las Vegas and other beautiful locations from the world. There are different racing events to choose from such as drift contest, cop chase, duel mode, etc. You can add 6 player on Bluetooth to play multiplayer game or you can go online to race against your friends.
Price: $4.99

Need for Speed Shift
Electronic Art’s Need for Speed Shift  is one of the most wanted racing games for iPhone. When it comes to racing, you can make a choice from 20 customizable cars.  You can race in cities like Chicago, Tokyo and London. With 18 amazing looking tracks, you will surely end up racing for hours on this game. There are four difficulty levels, multiplayer racing, different camera views, racing options like knockout racing, duels, sprints, etc,
Price: $6.99

Fast & Furious: The Game
Fast & Furious is a perfect game for underground street racing and brings to you some of the best looking tracks at Los Angeles, Mexico and Dominican Republic. Like other racing games, this game also gives you various racing modes such as drift racing, pursuit, drag racing, etc. Story mode will let you unlock hidden cars and tracks. You can compete against your friend online.
Price: $0.99

GTS World Racing
What is so cool about GTS World Racing? It has got 64 different racing tracks, 4 difficulty levels, and 16 world settings. While racing, the game plays amazing music tracks and you can also listen to the songs stored on your phone while racing.  A slight drawback with this game is that it has only got 3 cars for racing. It only allows you to play single player games.However, it has got good graphics and you will surely have fun playing this game.
Price: $3.99

Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D Game
Almost all people who love playing racing games on their phone are well aware of Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D game. It is a famous cartoony kart racer game that was one of the first games that was available on App Store. It will keep your adrenaline rushing when you race at any of 20 tracks that is filled power-ups and downs, obstacles, weapons like bombs and missiles for eliminating your enemies. There are hidden characters and levels too.
Price: $2.99

March 26th, 2010

7 Must Have Apps for iPhone

loopt20The best part about Apple iPhone and iPhone 3Gs is that it works on Android OS which allows users to install a wide range of applications for different type of users. However, with so many applications available across different genres, one may get confused as to which applications they should install on their iPhone. Here are 7 must have apps for iPhone:

Online Storage
Dropbox is a very good application that lets you access your data through its online storage without accessing them from your computer. You need to install this application on your computer and add files to the Dropbox folder and access your documents through iPhone.

Super Monkey Ball is a very cool game that has got different levels of difficulties. The game is all about navigating Monkey in his ball through different mazes without falling off. The game works very smoothly. You will enjoy playing this game on iPhone thanks to its accelerometer.

Streaming Music is one of the best when it comes to listening to music through different streaming channels. You can select your favorite band or genre of music, and Pandaro will stream the songs from the same band or genre. If you do not like listening to any song, you can ask Pandaro to never play it.

Internet browser
By all means Opera browser is the best web browser not only for Apple iPhone but also for smartphones from other brands. With all the features that you can find on a PC browser such as tabbed-browsing, zooming, bookmarking, fast browsing, and many more.

Social Networking App
Loopt Mobile is a cool social networking app. It is quite similar to Facebook and lets you get in touch with your friends on the go. If you are in any area and you would like to know its information, you can simply use Loopt to checkout suggestions tagged by your friends. You will also come to know where your friends are located and what they are doing.

Chatting and Social Networking
Fring lets you access all your favorite IMs such as Yahoo messenger, Google Talk, Windows Live, Skype, and even your favorite social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

News Updates
NetNewsWire is a free app that allows you get all the latest updates about the news and latest happenings in a RSS feeds format. The application is quite simple to use and with its sync feature you can RSS feeds.