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February 23rd, 2009

Innovation & Style – LG Decoy Review

lg decoy 1 300x300 Innovation & Style – LG Decoy ReviewAnother great offering from LG, the Decoy (VX8610) is an innovative piece of technology that is also pleasing to the eye. If you are looking to embrace Bluetooth and like slide phones then this is the ideal choice for you!

Visually the LG Decoy is notable for the incredible shine it has and its great shape. Very similar to the LG Shine the Decoy is a slide phone that is controlled by a central joystick navigational button surrounded by four additional buttons. The surface of the phone has a very glossy finish and while it looks very stylish it can quickly get covered with fingerprints and smudges if you are not careful. The 2.2-inch screen is gorgeous and vibrant and does not overwhelm the device.

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