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November 30th, 2009

LG enV3 Review – Small, Cute and Powerful

verizon lg env3 qwerty phone2 300x178 LG enV3 Review – Small, Cute and PowerfulAmong those who love texting, Verizon’s enV3 lines of cell phones for LG have become quite famous. LG VX9200 enV3 is the third and the latest phone in the enV3 series of phones. The target customers of these phones are those people who do not want to buy touchscreen phone.

The overall design of LG enV3 gives it a sturdy appearance. It weighs only 106 grams. The phone is quite small in size and easily fits in your hands or pockets. The external display of the phone is small (measures 1.56 inches) and has a resolution of 160 x 96 pixels. The keys on the keypad are evenly spaced which gives you the ease to write texts and emails.

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