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April 11th, 2009

LG Glimmer Review: A Perfect Blend of Prada & Shine

lg-glimmer-phoneWith a large interactive touch screen and an elegant metal body, LG Glimmer is set to capture your heart. It also has a sliding numeric keypad for consumers who are often swayed into buying non-touch based phones due to a lack of keypad. This all new offering from LG has got an upscale appearance thanks mainly to the monochromatic charcoal grey exterior, which is supplemented by a brushed metallic battery cover.


LG Glimmer has a blend of features from LG Prada & LG Shine. The Glimmer combines the touch screen of Prada with the Shine’s slider keypad. It sports a gunmetal chassis and has a brushed stainless steel finishing. Adding to all these features is its excellent touch screen. At 4-inch X 2.05-inch X 0.59-inch, Glimmer weighs slightly heavier than other non-smartphones at 4.5 ounces. The phone will feel sturdy in your hand and slides open & closed smoothly.

Touchscreen of LG Glimmer

Navigating LG Glimmer using its touch screen is considerably easier, but its screen is not as responsive as iPhone. You may need to do repeated tapping to get the response you wish for. Its screen offers the neat VibeTouch technology, which is also seen on LG Voyager. This leaves you with a slight vibration whenever you tap one item on the touchscreen. Another complaint for its touchscreen is that the display doesn’t sport a full QWERTY keyboard, in case you are looking for one to type messages.

Nevertheless, if you are using the messaging applications of the phone with slider closed, the touchscreen displays a virtual keyboard, which you can use. Unfortunately, this maintains the numeric phone keypad format. It sometimes needs multiple tapping when you are trying to spell words. Even an inclusion of a complete QWERTY keyboard might appear small on the LG Glimmer screen, but the trade-off would surely have been worth it.

Other noteworthy features

Apart from the keyboard and the display, other features of LG Glimmer are very much impressive. The phone supports Bluetooth 2.0 and a high-speed EvDO network. This phone also has integrated GPS. However, you will require a $10/month subscription for one of the navigation services in Alltel. Media player of Glimmer supports WMA, MP3, & AAC files. Its 2-megapixel camera is also very good at taking snapshots.

Undoubtedly, LG Glimmer is an impressive looking phone and has a handy touchscreen along with a host of excellent features.

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