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March 31st, 2009

LG Incite Review: The Full Featured Minimalist Styled Smart Phone

lg-inciteIf you prefer sleek, minimalistic designs that create a super sexy phone with complete smart phone functions, the LG Incite might be the phone for you. With the touch screen technology that measures 3 inches for accurate icon location, the realistic key feel of the haptic feedback lets you know that fast typing isn’t inaccurate typing.

To help prevent those embarrassing mistaken calls that sitting on your phone or the fast fingers of a small child can speed dial, there is an key lock feature and an auto screen lock feature that puts you back in control of whom you call and when. For jogging, walking, or those times when your life is just moving too fast for on screen navigation, the side jog dial provides easy to maneuver 3 way navigation.

Entertainment Galore

With 32 gigabytes of music storage, the LG Incite with Windows Media Player is compatible with downloads for Mp3, WMA, AAC, AAC+, and eACC+ turns a sleek phone into a sleek multitasker with numerous media options. With available XM Radio and Pandora streaming media, you will never run out of music to play. This stylish touch screen is also compatible with Mp4, WMV, and 3GP for video fun on the run. If you need a local station, the LG Incite will pick up FM radio stations, making it one of the most versatile phones on the market simply with its media features.

All-in-one communications hub

Keeping on top of your email communications is easy with LG Incite. Email with downloadable attachment capabilities, the ability to open PDF files, and even quick email address access with your corporate email address book access. You won’t be missing emails either with the included Microsoft Direct feature, which allows you to redirect your incoming mail to a hosted network or the exchange server at the office. To help keep you on top of your text conversations, the Incite has threaded texting, along with AIM, Y! Messenger, and Windows Live for easy and convenient access to personal and business relationships. Streaming video and photo messaging, and Office Mobile make the Incite more than a phone, but a pocket sized personal computer.


To keep all of LG Incite’s features (which are too numerous to list here) as user friendly as one would expect, LG incorporated the accelerometer. The accelerometer is a handy design that allows you to flip the viewing page back and forth from traditional portrait to landscape mode with just a flick of the wrist. Web pages viewed in the landscape mode are seen with much more clarity than when in the portrait mode. To top it off, there is no longer a need to close out the window to seek out the icon that will change your view setting. Rather, just flick your wrist and the screen will adjust to your desires.lg-incite-att1


Overall, the LG Incite can be considered a smart phone for all uses. Whether you are looking to stay in touch with friends and want the latest technology to add tunes and surf the web on the fly or you want to maintain the cutting edge in business communications, the LG Incite offers an all in one package suitable for all lifestyles.

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