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September 3rd, 2009

Lie Detector Applications for Apple iPhone

thumb160x_liedetectorThe coolest thing about Apple iPhone is that you can find tons of applications that can work on this phone. One such application that we found to be interesting is the lie detector application. There are many lie detector applications available for the iPhone.

The lie detector is one of the most used investigative technologies by the police to find out if the criminals are lying or not. It is however, not a fool-proof way to determine if the person is truly lying or not and is not accepted by the law. When a lie detector is used, the criminal is asked many questions to check if the answers given by him are true or false; however, a thick-skinned criminal can easily manipulate the machine to give wrong results.  In most cases, a lie detector is pretty useful to find out if a person is lying because the device is able to track changes in blood pressure, heart beat and changes in skin sensitivity that can trigger when a person is telling a lie.  It is an undeniable fact that the lie detector has helped in solving many criminal cases all over the world since several decades.

Now, you can make use of a lie detector on your iPhone to checkout if the person you are talking to is lying or not. Some of the lie detector applications that you can download on your iPhone are Lie Detector App, Agile Lie Detector and iPolyGraph. These applications dwell on the same principle that is used by CIA and FBI for lie detection. The applications examine the stress pattern of the person who is going through a lie detection test to find out if the person is telling the truth or not.

Lie detector applications can be downloaded as trial version. If you like it, you can make the full use of the application after you buy the full version of the application. In most of the lie detector applications you will see a lie-meter or a lie-graph that will show some changes whenever a person lies.

Some of these applications may require you to place a finger on a sensor and start answering the questions, some other applications may require training to understand the voice of any person in order to show whether the person is lying or not when lie detection questions are asked. These applications do not give you accurate result but as mentioned before, you can give it a try to check if your spouse or any of your friend is lying to your or not.

In order to get satisfying results, one should get rid of background noises that are audible. The person on whom you want to try the lie detector application should be at least one or two feet or as per the directions set by the application. This way you can use lie detector application and find out if you know people for real.