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February 24th, 2012

Apps For Creating Music On the Go For Android Phones

Do you have some music tune in your mind and wish to get it life or if you want to simply learn music, you can start doing so by using music creation apps on your Android phone. Everyday numerous apps are added to the Android Market. You can also find plenty of music creations apps also in the Android Market.

MicDroid is a cool application that can tune your voice. It can correct your pitch automatically. It can recreate the effects that you can listen in music. There are enhancement options that can make your voice sound differently. The recording music files can also be used a ringtone.

Sonorox is a simple music app that allows you to create music beats and loops quickly. Loops of short duration can be composed easily. You can upload them on Sonorox’s community site and see what others want to say about your creation. On that site, you can also download the tunes people have created.

Google Music
Google Music is a very handy music app that brings cloud storage for music on Android. You can listen to your favorite music stored on the secure servers of Google. This online storage can also be used for storing your recorded music files.

For Playing Piano
For people who love piano very much and wish to learn to play it can download a virtual piano on their phone. Most of these piano apps will let you start like a beginner on how to play a piano. If your phone’s display supports multi-touch, you will be able piano seamlessly on your phone.

For Playing Guitar
Guitar apps are available in plenty for Android. You need to download those guitar based app that comes with six lines that represent the strings of the real guitar. It will also have numberings that you can see on real guitar. The notations that you can find on such apps are easy to read and understand. For starters, such an app is very good.

MIDI files
MIDI is the most popular formats for electronic music. MIDI apps are available in plenty for Android users. Such apps will let you create and edit MIDI files and even share with others.