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October 1st, 2010

Which one to choose – Nokia Ovi Maps or Google Maps?

Nokia Maps which is now known as Ovi Maps is a GPS navigation software from Nokia that can be used free of charge.  At start, the application was not available for free. However, Nokia has done this to give tough competition to the rivals. Both the applications are great and user-friendly. Both these applications have features that will guide you with voice navigation whether you are driving or walking to your destination.

As compared to Ovi Maps, you will be able to lock in a location quickly through Google Maps. Since Google Maps is powered with My Location service, you will able to lock a location even if your phone does not have a GPS chip. However, Ovi Maps will only be to find a destination if it is able to detect a  cell phone tower in the vicinity.
One of the advantages that you will get Ovi Maps is that you will be able to navigate even if your phone is offline. However, Google Maps require you to be connected to the internet for using navigation. This means you will be able to get the latest navigation information. On the Ovi Maps you can find third party applications such as Lonely Planet. You can even share your location on Facebook on Ovi Maps. You will not find any third party application on Google Maps.  However, you will able to make use of Google apps like Lattitude and Buzz on Google Maps.

Through My Maps which is a desktop version of Google Maps, you will be able to sync the same content on your cell phone.  Ovi Maps is also capable of doing this. However, it is not that user-friendly. The best feature of Ovi Maps is the voice guided turn by turn navigation. This means you will able to place your phone on the deck of your car and rely on it to guide you to your destination. You can download voice navigations in different languages. Google Maps lack this feature.

Another good thing about Ovi Maps is that the developers consistently release upgrades. However, we find ourselves using the same version of Google Maps for quite a long time. All smartphones from Nokia come with Ovi Maps and you can install Google Maps on your Nokia phone. However, Android phones that run Google Maps do not run the Ovi Maps navigation application.