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December 2nd, 2010

Updating Firmware of Your Nokia Phone Using Nokia Software Updater

It is very important to update the firmware of your phone as it improves the operating system by fixing the bugs and security loopholes. Updating firm of your Nokia phone will greatly enhance the user experience.

Nokia Software Updater

You can update the firmware by using the Nokia Software Updater program. The Nokia Software Updater can be downloaded from the Nokia website. As of now, it only supports Windows operating systems. The software once downloaded and installed connects to the Nokia servers and lets you know the new updates that you can install on your phone.

Ovi Suite

When you buy a new Nokia phone, you will find a software CD inside the package. The CD is known as Ovi Suite (for newer Nokia phones) and PC Suite (for older Nokia phones). This CD also contains the Nokia Software Updater along with other optional applications for you phone. In case you do not have the CD or you do not want to install the whole suite, you can simply download the Nokia Software Updater from the Nokia website.

Precautions for Performing Firmware Update

  • Perform Backup
    Before you update the firmware of your Nokia phone, it is important to perform data backup.  The reason why it is important is because there is huge risk of losing data of your phone while perform a firmware update. To perform backup, you can connect the phone to your computer by means of the USB data cable. Some new Nokia phones also allow you to perform backup of your phone’s data on its memory card.
  • Charge the battery
    You should fully charge up the battery before you do a firmware update. If your battery is not fully charged, your phone can turn off while firmware is being updated and you will end up starting the firmware update all over again.

Using Nokia Software Updater

Once the Nokia Software Updater is launched, you can follow the instructions to continue with the initiate the firmware update. The process can last for 20 to 30 minutes and it depends a lot on the size of the updates available for your phone and the memory of the phone. Also make sure you have a high speed and reliable internet connection so that the files are quickly downloaded from the Nokia server and installed.