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November 5th, 2010

Opening Zip Files on Your BlackBerry

Have you received a zip file on your BlackBerry and you have no clue as to how to open it? BlackBerry phones do not have any application that allows you to open zipped files. Most often people prefer to compress files in zip format and send it as attachment through email. Then how can view files present inside the zip file on your BlackBerry?

There are quite a few applications through which you will be able to open and view the files present inside the zip file. Here are some of the articles:

1. FileScout

FileScout is a very user-friendly file explorer application. It can be also used to zip and unzip files. With this application, you will not be able to open zip files that are protected by password. They application is available at a price of $6.99

2. BeamExplorer File Manager

Another file explorer application that can not only be used for managing your documents and other files on your BlackBerry but also can be used for zipping and unzipping files. It is a free application and you can use it without any restriction.

3. File Manager Pro

As the name suggest, File Manager Pro is an advanced file manager application and it has the capability of zipping and unzipping files. It is a good application for viewing zipped files that are sent to you through email. For opening the zipped files present in your email, you can make use of ‘Documents to Go’ feature of your phone to view the files. This application is available at a price of $4.99.

4. Ziplorer

Ziplorer allows you view to view ZIP and GZ files present on your BlackBerry. It also allows you to create zip files. It can also unzip email attachment zip files. The application is available for download at a price of $16.99