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December 17th, 2010

Top 4 Web Browsers for BlackBerry

When it comes to productivity, BlackBerry is considered to be one of the smartest choices. Since most BlackBerry users spend quite a lot of time on the web, we present to you the top 4 web browsers for BlackBerry phones:

BlackBerry Browser
The BlackBerry browser that comes preloaded on BlackBerry phones that run on BlackBerry OS 6 has got plenty of new features. The start page of the browser has got a single URL entry space where you can quickly type and connect to the websites you to visit. You can also use this space for to intiate a search to find a website, or to search for pages listed in Bookmarks or Hisotry. Some of the other features of this browser include tabbed browsing, social feeds integration, and zoom.

Opera Mobile
When it comes to choosing a reliable third party web browser for any phone, Opera is the name most people prefer. The Opera Mini or Opera Mobile browser gives user-friendly browsing experience. You can web pages as they appear on a desktop computer or you can make the browse show websites in mobile friendly manner. The browser can be used in both landscape and portrait mode. The server side compression feature of the browser to launch web pages quickly. Other feature of the Opera browser include tabbed browsing, user-friendly onscreen keyboard, speed dial, autocomplete, bookmarks, download manager, history, drag to scroll, and double tap to zoom.

Bolt Browser
The first thing you will notice while using this browser is the speed at which it lets you browse the web. It allows you to watch streaming videos on websites like YouTube and Facebook. The social media functionality lets you to stay connected with your friends and buddies online. Another cool thing about this browser is that you can safe and securely do online shopping.

uZard Web Mobile Browser
Browsing experience on this browser is very similar the experience you get while browsing on a desktop computer. It is a simple browser and does not hamper the performance of your phone. It takes small data traffic and lets you enjoy streaming videos and audios without any glitches.

June 4th, 2010

Top 7 Windows Mobile Applications

The Windows Mobile OS is a very easy to use operating system thanks to the Windows operating systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 that we have been using on our desktops, laptops and netbooks. The best part about WinMo OS is that it provides you tons of add-ons, free and paid apps that you can install on your Windows Mobile.

Here are top 7 Windows Mobile applications:

1. Best web browser

Undoubtedly, the Opera Mini web browser is one of the best browsers available for smart phones as it comes with plenty of features such as multiple page browsing, zoom, speed dial, screen taps, and even lets you view online videos.

2. Best instant messenger

Though there are plenty of instant messengers available for WinMo such as Agile Messenger, Fring and Nimbuzz, the IM+ All-in-One messenger provides you with a single platform to get in touch with your friends on Yahoo, Gtalk, Windows Live, AIM, Skype, Twitter, MySpace and Facebook. The easy to use interface is what makes it to be best among others.

3. Best media player

The CorePlayer is a universal media player for playing all kinds of video and audio formats. It provides you with playlists and even lets you view YouTube videos. You can make use of it for viewing image files, container formats and streaming formats. It is a paid application and provides a top notch technical support.

4. Best synchronization application

MyMobiler not only lets you synchronize your data between your Windows Mobile and computer but also lets you control your computer through your phone. You can even use your computer’s mouse to navigate through your phone and use the computer’s keyboard to type messages on your phone. It also lets you access the Microsoft Exchange Server.

5. Best navigation app

Google Maps is the most preferred GPS app for Windows Mobile. It is a freeware app that lets you find directions and trace your destinations. If you are looking for a restaurant, you can simply type ‘restaurant’ in the search bar and you the app will let you view all the restaurants available at your location.

6. Best search app

Windows Mobile Live Search is the best search application for WinMo. With this app, you can get faster search results and even search on it hands free. It also does well in providing you with driving directions with easy to understand satellite imagery.

7. Best email application

A WinMo is incomplete without a powerful email application such as Blackberry Connect. It supports wide range of formats like MS Word, Excel, Adobe, etc and shows you mails in threaded messaging format. This app is not available on all the Windows Mobile phones and you will have to spend a few dollars to get this app on your phone.