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December 17th, 2010

Top 4 Web Browsers for BlackBerry

boltlogo 300x226 Top 4 Web Browsers for BlackBerryWhen it comes to productivity, BlackBerry is considered to be one of the smartest choices. Since most BlackBerry users spend quite a lot of time on the web, we present to you the top 4 web browsers for BlackBerry phones:

BlackBerry Browser
The BlackBerry browser that comes preloaded on BlackBerry phones that run on BlackBerry OS 6 has got plenty of new features. The start page of the browser has got a single URL entry space where you can quickly type and connect to the websites you to visit. You can also use this space for to intiate a search to find a website, or to search for pages listed in Bookmarks or Hisotry. Some of the other features of this browser include tabbed browsing, social feeds integration, and zoom.

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