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April 20th, 2012

Why Do You Need Phone Insurance?

Buying a smartphone is not a luxury any more. It has become a necessity as people require it for their business and general use. When you purchase an expensive cell phone, you will always think about keeping it safe and secure in order to prevent someone from robbing it. When you lose your phone, you also end up losing all the numbers of your contacts. Hence, losing a mobile phone can be very frustrating. The best thing you can do for you is avail a mobile phone insurance to recover your losses when you lose your phone.

Few years ago, nobody talked about getting phone insurance. However, today’s scenario is quite different. These days’ people are more interested in purchasing highly priced gadgets. Only issues like technical and software problems can be dealt under manufacturer’s warranty. The manufacturer does not provide any kind of service to compensate for the loss in case you lose your phone or it is damaged. That is the reason why you should think of obtaining an insurance coverage for your phone.

There are many insurance companies that are providing coverage not only for smartphones but also for other gadgets like laptops and tablets. Since there are so many options available, you need to input your time and energy to search for the best insurance provider. A thing that you should keep in mind while searching for a mobile insurance provider is to see that the insurance policy should also cover replacement or phone repair expenses after the warranty provided by manufacturer is over.

If your phone gets damaged because of fire, water, accidents or it is robbed, the phone insurance can come handy in getting compensation. If anything happens to your phone and you are unable to use it, after applying for a claim, you will receive a replacement phone within two days. However, you may not be able to get back your lost contacts through insurance.

You may also get reimbursement money according to present market price of your phone. Another good thing about phone insurance, you need not worry about the bill payment for the calls that were made after a damage or theft of your phone. The phone insurance company will take care of it.

Mobile phones have become very versatile. You can use it like a handheld computer. It is one of our important possessions. Hence, it is sensible to acquire phone insurance from a well-recognized insurance provider.