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November 11th, 2011

Protect Your BlackBerry From Malware

Millions of BlackBerry users use their smartphones to surf the web, download stuff over the internet, send and receive emails and many other purpose. Like a PC, even your BlackBerry phone can be hacked by someone. Just as you completely secure your PC by installing certain programs or enabling security features, you can do the same on your BlackBerry to protect it from malware or virus attack.

Enabling Password
BlackBerry has plenty of password options in General Settings feature. You can activate the password protection on your phone by navigating to the Options menu and then at Security Options, you can set the password. As mentioned, you will several password protection options like lock BlackBerry messenger, password attempts and timeout duration.

Protect Bluetooth
Bluetooth is one of the most commonly used data transfer features on all smartphones. Hence, there is a high possibility of receiving a malware if you do not protect the Bluetooth. A simple way to protect is to turn off the Bluetooth feature when you are not using it. Also, you can go to Options in Bluetooth setup screen and then under Discoverable, you should choose No so that your phone will not be detected by hackers when they do Bluetooth device search.

Data Encryption
The ‘Content Protection’ feature under General Settings, will let you protect the contents of the phone by selecting the desired level of protection. If you wish, you can also protect the address book of your BlackBerry.

Password Keeper Utility
The Password Keeper Utility is a nice tool for letting your phone remember your user IDs and passwords. You should use this feature instead of storing the same on the internet browser. The User ID and password you store by using this utility allows you to save your data very securely. You should not leave your sensitive information on the browser as it can be easily stolen by hackers by any location.

Clean the Memory
This option can be found under Security Options. It will wipe off all the confidential data that is stored in encrypted format on your phone. It even delete the browser cache, apps that you do not use, even logs, call logs, old text messages and so on. This feature not only helps in keeping your phone secure but also allows you to use your phone efficiently.