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June 11th, 2010

How to Record Voice Calls on Symbian Phones

There are a lot of reasons as to why one would like to record phone conversations. Some may want to check how they sounded when they spoke to the interviewer over the phone. Some may want to record calls for easy transcription later. Before go ahead and tell you how to record voice calls on Symbian phones, we would like to advise you that it is unethical to record calls without the consent of the individuals involved in a phone call.

Here are some of the apps for Symbian phone that lets you record phone calls:

1. Total Recall Call Recorder
Priced at $15, the app has plenty of features. It lets you record calls without the annoying beeps. On some Symbian phones, the person who is making the call may hear beeps during the call, however the other person will not hear the beeps. You can record the audio in AMR or WAV formats. The dictaphone feature will let you easily record memos, lectures and meetings. You can send audio clips through Bluetooth,MMS, email and http. You can password protect the app and set the app to autostart. And lastly, it also lets you update the application for free throughout the life.

2. Ultimate Voice Recorder
Price at $14.95, this heavy duty voice recorder application lets you record calls without beeps. You can start and stop the recording by making use of hotkeys. Calls can be recorded in AMR or WAV formats. You can choose either to save the recorded files in phone memory or memory card. You can password protect the playback. You can send the recorded audio files through Bluetooth, Infrared, MMS and email.

3. Xelnex Lite
Priced at $20.03, this application is one of the powerful applications that Psiloc has produced till now. It allows you to record voice without beeps on some phones. You can manually and automatically record calls. It can record calls in three formats namely, AMR, WAV and MP3. It a details such as call duration, time and date stamp of the recorded calls. You can save the recorded calls on phone memory or memory card.

4. Nokia Phone Recorder
The in-built voice recording application that is found preinstalled on some Symbian phones like Nokia N95. The interface of the application is decent and the audio quality of the recorded files is excellent. However, you will hear beeps at regular interval while recording a phone call by means of this application.