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July 9th, 2010

RSS Reader Apps for Symbian Phones

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication is a very simple and easy through which you can stay updated about all the current happenings and that too from your favorites sites. For example, if you love our site, you do not have to visit our site to check out the latest cell phone reviews and articles but subscribe for our RSS feeds for free and you can get all the latest updates from site our by accessing a RSS reader.  Hence, people make use of RSS readers and subscribe for RSS feeds of their frequently accessed sites so that they can get updates of all their favorite websites at one place without visiting each website.

RSS can also be used on Symbian phones. There are several RSS applications that are specially meant for Symbian phones. Here are some of the RSS apps that you can make use of on Symbian phones:

RSS Reader of Nokia Web Browser
Since Nokia is the only cell phone brand that makes use of Symbian OS on most of their phones, we thought of listing the RSS Reader available on the Nokia web browser. It has a very simple user interface.  It is best meant for those feeds that get refreshed with fewer articles per refresh. So, if you happen to add sites such as CNN, there is high possibility that you will be able to view only small part of the articles that are available.  Even though it is a slight drawback, it is one of the most reliable and convenient RSS application available for Symbian phones.

Google Reader Mobile
Google Reader is the most popular RSS application for computers and the cell phone version – Google Reader Mobile is also becoming quite famous. All you need to do is visit the Google Reader page and enter your Gmail address and password and you will be able to view all the feeds in no time. It has a simple user interface but has a lot of features. All the feeds are displayed in the form of list and it also allows you to read the full content through the reader itself without opening the respective website to view it. You can also export your files to file and import them so that you can view them on another reader.

Keep in mind that since RSS apps are automatically updated with the latest content, it is very important to make use of a data plan such as an unlimited one so that you do not end up with an hefty phone bill.