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April 1st, 2010

Webcam Applications for Symbian Phones

wwigo-s60Symbian phones like Nokia and Samsung are powered with rich features. All the major cell phone brands are producing cell phones with high quality lenses such as Carl Zeiss lenses that can take images and record videos at high clarity. Even many Symbian phones are available with 5 megapixel camera. Other taking snaps and recording videos, the camera present on such phones can also be used as a webcam.

You can find plenty of webcam applications that can help you in using your phones camera as a webcam. Here are some of them:

1. Mobiola

Mobiola is the numero uno application for using your cell phone as webcam. Mobiola can be used for all kinds of Symbian phones that are available in the market across various brands. Mobiola is available in two parts: driver application that is installed on the computer so that your system can recognize your phone as a webcam and a client side module that can be used on your cell phone. It has a simple interface with simple features. It can be effectively used for video chatting through famous instant messaging applications such as Yahoo, Skype, Windows Live, etc.

2. SoftCam

SoftCam is a different application as compared to Mobiola. It is a video streaming application which allows user to make own video channel. It can be connected to different software’s input stream such as a chatting application thereby using it as a webcam. It recognizes various input sources including the camera of the cell phone. You can stream live inputs or stored media as per your wish.

3. Wwigo

Wwigo is an awarding webcam application that has received raved reviews from many users. This application is very similar to Mobiola and is called Webcam Wherever I Go (Wwigo). Like Mobiola, Wwigo also consists of two applications: one application that needs to be installed on the cell phone and another that needs to be installed on the computer. Wwigo only works on a very few phones that belong to the Series 60 2nd, and 3rd editions. The video data is transferred through Bluetooth on to the computer. Bluetooth connection will help you connect your phone wirelessly as webcam to your computer. The best part about Wwigo is that it is a freeware application.