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November 19th, 2009

Use SMS Anywhere to Spy on Other Phones

SmsAnywhereIf you are looking for an application that can spy on incoming and outgoing text messages of your partner, you can rely on an amazing application called SMS Anywhere. Unlike other similar application that can be used to spy on text messages, this application does not require an internet access to keep you informed by sending data.

How does SMS Anywhere work?
SMS Anywhere forwards all the sent and received texts on to a desired cell phone number. The owner of the phone will not have a clue about it. Since it is a non-user interface application, it cannot be seen on the phone.

SMS Anywhere was developed for those people who make use of more than one cell phone and desire to receive their text messages on other phones. This can be done by forwarding the text messages to the number on which you would like to receive messages. After this, SMS Anywhere will automatically send messages to the desired numbers.


It is a shareware application and can be downloaded from famous cell phone application download website such as Getjar. You can make use of the trial version of the application until it expires. You may then go ahead and buy the license to make the full use of the application.

SMS Anywhere is compatible on plenty of leading cell phones such as Nokia E-series phones, Nokia N-series phones, Nokia XpressMusic phones,  Samsung SGH-i400, SGH-i450, SGH-i550, G810, i7110, i8510, INNOV8, L780,  LG KS10, KT610, KT615, etc. Once you have downloaded the application, you can install the application on the phone you want to spy on.


The application starts automatically when the phone is switched on and has no visual interface. In order to control the application, you can make use of the special commands by sending text messages from other cell phone. Normally, when you send a text message, your phone may show a message sending indicator at the corner of the display screen. This will not happen when you are spying on someone’s phone using SMS Anywhere.

The application is available in two edition namely, ultra edition and standard edition. Features such as support for white and black number, hiding text message sending indicator, hiding forward SMS from outbox folder, saving a log SMS in a text file, etc are not available in standard edition.

Before making use of the application, you must keep in mind that it is totally unethical to read private messages of others. Make sure you do not violate any law of your country by making use of this application.