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September 26th, 2011

Sothink Video Converter Giveaway Contest

Sothink Video Converter 2 Sothink Video Converter Giveaway ContestHey guys, we are giving away up to 5 full licenses for Sothink Video Converter to our readers! To participate in our contest, simply do the following!

1. You must have your own personal blog!

2. Place a link on your blogroll back to:

3. Write and publish a short post on what you would use the Sothink Video Converter for and ping this post!

We will announce 5 lucky winners on 7 October 2011! Good luck!

August 6th, 2011

How to Convert Videos for Playback on Mobile Phones

Sothink Video Converter 2 300x218 How to Convert Videos for Playback on Mobile PhonesHave you ever bought a new phone to realise that it doesn’t support playback of whatever videos you throw at it? No worries, you are not alone! Unless you are using the latest generation of smartphones (like iPhone 4 or the kick ass Samsung Galaxy SII), it is likely that your phone does not support the majority of videos which you have downloaded for viewing on your computer.

Even if you have tried to search for some “free” software which claims to convert your videos into file formats suitable for playback your phone, most of time they still won’t work or that the output quality is horrible.

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December 24th, 2010

Watching MP4 Videos on Android Phone

miro video converter 300x216 Watching MP4 Videos on Android PhoneMP4 (stands for MPEG-4) is one of the most commonly used video formats of the present time. It can contain a wide range of multimedia such as videos, images, audios, bookmarks and so on. Nowadays, almost all smartphones and portable multimedia players are capable of playing MP4 videos.

If you have an Android powered smartphone and you are looking forward to watch your favorite movie on your phone, you won’t be able to play the movie file on your phone simply by copying on the memory card of your phone and playing it even if it is in MP4 format. The reason behind it is that the resolution of the original movie files are big and hence it won’t play the movie file.

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