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April 7th, 2010

Fixing White Screen of Death on BlackBerry

2624025615_2401d7c9a6Just like you get a blue screen of death (BSOD) error on your Microsoft Windows computer, you may also experience white screen of death (WSOD) error on your BlackBerry phone if you leave it on for too long. If such an error on your BlackBerry phone, you will miss out on missed call alerts, emails, and messages that may come after WSOD error occurs.

How does the BlackBerry WSOD look like?

If the phone is left on for too long, the background display will turn white and it will display an error message containing some numbers. This is the white screen of death error. Even if you press any button, the phone will not respond. Moreover, you will not be able to turn off or turn on the phone. Just like BSOD errors are display when the Windows crashes, same way the BlackBerry phone displays a WSOD error when it crashes.

Why Does a White Screen of Death Error Occurs?

BlackBerry smartphones are so smart that they can be considered as miniature computers. It can do all that a computer can do such as run applications, store data, play media files, play games, etc. Every computer system requires a reboot so that it functions in a fresh manner. Same way it is very important to reboot your BlackBerry phone once in a while to make it function in a better manner. If you do not do so, the phone may function erratically due to high memory usage and the phone may ultimately crash if the phone keeps on consuming more memory. The phone will freeze and display a WSOD error.

How to Solve the White Screen of Death Error?

The only way to solve the White Screen of Death error is to open the back panel of the phone and remove the battery and put it back again after a few seconds. The next thing you need to do is restart the phone and your phone will work in perfectly fine condition. If you frequently face this problem on your phone, you can address it to the BlackBerry support and get it rectified.

How to Prevent White Screen of Death?

If you want to prevent WSOD from occurring on your phone, you need to make sure you do not run too many applications at one time. Additionally, you can remove the battery and replace it back again at least once in a week.