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June 25th, 2010

4 Ways to Remove Data from Your BlackBerry

BlackBerry phones are usually considered to be business class phones. Hence, users store a lot of important files and documents on their phones. At some point of time, you may want to completely remove data from your phone so that it is not misused by anybody. Moreover, if you want to sell your BlackBerry phone, you may to wipe out all the data from your phone before you place it on eBay or just sell it to your friend.

Here are 4 ways to remove data from your BlackBerry phone:

1. Wipeout Handheld Option

On the home screen of your phone, press ‘Options’ and then click on ‘Security Options’ and then ’General Settings’ and then you need to click ‘Wipe Handheld’ and move ahead by clicking ‘Continue’. You will be prompted to type ‘blackberry’, type and hit Enter. This will help in removing data from your BlackBerry.

2. Wrong Password Method

If your phone is password protected, your phone’s data will be deleted if you mistype password 10 times. All you need to do is lock your phone and enter the wrong password. During the process it will ask you to type the ‘blackberry’, type it correctly, however you need to continue enter wrong passwords.

3. BlackBerry Application Loader Tool

• Connect the phone to your PC through the USB data sync cable and launch the ‘BlackBerry Desktop Manager ‘application on your PC and type the password if it prompts to enter.

• Click on the ‘Application Loader’ file and then click on ‘Next’ and you will come across ‘Device Password’ option, here you need to type the device password and then click ‘Next’ and then again click ‘Next’ on the ‘Device Application Selection’.

• This will show you the ‘Completing the Application Loader Wizard’ screen where you need to click on ‘Advanced’ option.

• To remove applications from your phone, you can choose ‘Erase All Application Data’ and then click on ‘Do Not Automatically Back Up and Restore the Device Application Data During The Loading Process’ and then click on ‘Next’ and click on ‘Finish’.

• The phone will automatically restart after you click on Finish and when it is turned on you will notice that all the data has been removed from your phone.

4. The Backup and Restore Tool

• Connect your phone to the computer and run the ‘BlackBerry Desktop Manager Application’.

• Double-click on ‘Backup and Restore’ option and then click on ‘Advanced’.

• Press the ‘Shift’ key and then select the databases that you want to delete in the Handheld Databases list box.

• Click on ‘Clear’ and then click on ‘OK’.